The Fox River Grove Harbor Team is a non for profit boating club dedicated to the upkeep and use of the Fox River harbor located in Lions Park.  The Harbor Team club encourages safe, fun boating on the Fox and community involvement in the Village of Fox River Grove.  We have a great time together enjoying each others company while boating, but we also volunteer in the Village for community events.  Also, one of our main goals is restoring and maintaining the Village’s beautiful Fox River shoreline – which we take great pride in!

Membership in the Harbor Team is open to all Village of Fox River Grove residents.  Membership is based on a waiting list on a first on – first off basis.  Applicants must complete the Membership Application form to be put on the list.  Once a member is approved, the pier can be used indefinitely, as long as the member follows the By Laws of the Harbor Team.  A copy of the By Laws is on file at the Fox River Grove Village Hall at 305 Illinois Street in Fox River Grove.


A sanitized version of the Membership Wait List is provided here:


The wait list is updated on a yearly basis.

Click here to view the Harbor Team Bylaws:


Wait list membership process is as follows:

When a pier slot becomes available (due to a member dropping out of the Harbor Team), the first on the list (i.e. oldest date when application was filed) will be called by the Harbor Team Secretary and asked if he/she is still interested in becoming a member of the Team.  If yes, they must provide all fees and current boat information to the Harbor Team Secretary.  If the requirements for membership has been satisfied, the Village resident will become a member of the Harbor Team.  If he/she is no longer interested, then the Secretary will continue to contact the next oldest date on the wait list until a member is accepted.   Because people sometimes lose interest in boating, or have found another pier site elsewhere – a resident can often move up the list quickly.

When applying for membership, please note that the Harbor Team is actively involved in shoreline restoration within the Village, and as a member of the Team, you will be expected to help with this activity when scheduled!