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As erosion on the Fox River is a critical issue for the Village, the Harbor Team has restored hundreds of feet of shoreline within the Village.  As many long term residents have experienced over the years, the Fox River is heavily boated and continues to widen as shoreline erosion takes effect.  In fact, the area behind the Lions Park pavilion has eroded by over 6 feet in the past 10 years.  Because of this, the Harbor has and continues to restore shoreline in Lions Park.  This shoreline restoration is nearly complete, at MINIMAL cost to Village taxpayers (nearly zero).  The Harbor Team provided materials, heavy machinery and intensive labor to nearly complete this project.  In addition, the Team has worked extensively with the Army Corp of Engineers and the Fox River Waterway Agency to obtain the proper permits and approvals to accomplish the task.  This at MINIMAL cost to Village taxpayers (nearly zero).

Once Lions Park shoreline restoration is completed, the work will continue at Picnic Grove Park until all of Fox River Grove’s shoreline is restored and beatified for generations to come!

In addition to shoreline restoration, the Harbor Team has dredged the Harbor and built and installed uniform piers to ensure that the beauty of the park is preserved.

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